Our revolutionary Dual Hydration System easily attaches to your hydration pack.

Whether Running, Cycling or Hiking, M:X® is there to help you achieve your goals.

Our scientifically formulated Performance M:X Concentrates have been developed alongside leading sports nutritionists in order to deliver high quality nutrition when you need it most.
Our drinks provide much needed energy whilst also replacing salts which are lost through sweating, aiding hydration and helping to prevent cramps.
Simply attach the system to your hydration pack, fill the cartridge with Performance M:X and you’re ready to go. At the flick of a switch, you can alternate between plain water and your chosen sports drink without fear of contaminating your hydration pack.

If using with a bottle, simply add water to 60ml of concentrate (half a pouch) to make 500ml of sports drink.

M:X allows you to tailor your fluid intake to meet your hydration and energy needs. When plain water is not enough, M:X it up™, re-hydrate and reward yourself with a range of delicious flavours.

M:X Products have all been developed with quality and user function in mind.

The M:X Dual Hydration System is at the centre of our company and the catalyst for the development of all other products/ the M:X Brand.

It was developed to solve the issues arising from filling a hydration reservoir with anything other than water, namely the bad aftertaste and excess cleaning requirements amongst others.

Our Patented*, multi-award-winning hydration system delivers water or sports drink on demand to help keep you hydrated and fuelled when you need it most. Follow the link below for more information on this and our other products.

The M:X Dual Hydration System is proudly manufactured in the UK.

*US Patent No 11,612,233